Illumini Events

Illumini Light art event

Jane was the founder and curator of Illumini, that was a not-for-profit organisation that provides free unique illuminating art & historical events, in subterranean places from 2008-2012. Several Subterranean London locations were opened up during events, display illuminating artwork, performances, tours and talks

The events were very popular with over 7,000 people turning up for opening nights along. These week-long events attract thousands of visitors and large media coverage, from TV, radio and press, without standing reviews.

Illumini event 2010 light art festival by Jane Webb
Illumini Dickensian Hauntings event by curator Jane Webb
Illumini Crypt-mas light event by Jane Webb

Illumini promoted artists from any background and experience, from visual artists to performers and writers. The organisation also helps promote creative individuals and businesses, through the website pages, with a directory of artist profiles and online resources for artists.

The aim of Illumini is not just to showcase art, but is to entertain and enlighten, introducing all communities that may not normally visit the arts to a different approach; many being exposed to the arts for the first time. All visitors, including families, are kept entertained by the spectacular performances. The children in particular are able to interact with not only the performers but also the actual artwork. The founder Jane Webb, believes that arts should be free and easily accessible for all, and stressed this for the ‘Illumini’ events. This has been reflected by the number of people who attended, as well as the positive comments and feedback received. So far over 25,000 people have enjoyed the Illumini experience.

Copyright and thanks to following Photographers:  Betty Zapata,  Wonkeyborders, Cecile Dubuis,  Nick Hooper,  Susan Eyre and Steve Kenny 

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