Jane Webb creates an array of artwork, to name just a few, sculptures & installations for light festivals & events, props from a large range of materials for stage, film, TV, museums and events. Bespoke up-cycled unique furniture, custom vehicle artwork, graphic design, interior décor & walls, stained glass, illuminating mirrors and even custom trainers! Artwork can be hired, purchased or commissioned for events, festivals or public art.

Jane has shown work at the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum, The London Museum, temporary installation in London’s Leicester square and various festivals and events throughout the UK including being the recipient of awards. Her work has been featured in international press and TV. She has been commissioned by an array of clients to name just a few: Universal Studios, The London Museum, local authorities, TV shows throughout the UK. Please see clients page for more info.

Jane uses a great deal of recycled items in her creative business from the sculptures made from recycled electronic waste, to the cute Replica Vintage Cans she produces. Vintage & custom designs for food, drink and motor oil replica cans, which have been featured on TV & Films internationally. Great for museums displays, they are also ideal for cutlery holders, plant, flower pots, or decor.

Her passion continues for using recycled items in creative ways with the launch of, Funk the Junk a shop and a blog sharing creative ideas to up-cycle items. Inside the shop you will discover anything from furniture, illuminating mirrors, trainers, garden ornaments and many other unique items. The blog also shows some of the projects we have worked on recently from custom designing a VW campers dashboard to garden inspiration for glass bottles.

Need help with creating an event, Jane can help, her background is founder and curator of Illumini, a not-for-profit art organisation that creates free light art events in subterranean spaces. which attracted from 7,000-9,000 visitors on the opening night alone. It supports artist from any background and with any experience.

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